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It wants me to tell you why to subscribe.


Honestly I have no idea. Used to hang out on Twitter and it’s been strange over there lately — it’s lost some of its former feel of permanence — but it turns out writing is kind of fun and cheaper than therapy so… here I am.

Some notes:

  • It’s free and I’ve no plans to pop some surprise subscription on you later, just talking out loud for fun here. I’m part of that elder millennial generation that sort of thinks information should be free, at least in small doses.

  • I’m a guy from a small town in Colorado who went on a wild ride into tech, became co-founder and CEO of a startup, then sold it a few years back. Still working in tech ‘cause I love it.

  • Don’t be a prick in the comments or I’m likely to screenshot it and slam you for it, since that’s pretty funny sometimes. If you’re a real lowlife I’ll probably ban you too.

Okay well on that cheery note, thanks for stopping by.

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Eclectic Takes on Business, Money, and Power


Eclectic Takes on Business, Money, and Power